Muffins Are The Perfect Back-To-School Food Option. Here’s Why

  • Muffins Are The Perfect Back-To-School Food Option. Here’s Why

    The new school year is just a few weeks away. So, it is time to think of quick, easy, and delicious snack ideas for those brown bag lunches! There are days when you will pack an apple and a granola bar, but on others, surprise your kid with absolutely mouth-watering muffins. 

    When you grab your cup of coffee plus coffee cake slices from our bakery, get some freshly baked muffins for your kid’s brown bag. We want to share four perfect reasons that make muffins a great back-to-school food choice. Read on while treating your palate to our coffee cakes! 

    1. There is variety in muffins. 

    Some days you love making a batch at home. But on most days, you may find work commitments, household chores, and helping kids with the homework (once the schools re-open), leaving you with little to no time for doing the baking yourself. That is alright because we do the baking for you, and with an equal amount of love! 

    So, when you want to pack muffins for lunch for the kids that taste like homemade goodness, get some from our bakery. We have variety, too. Banana nut muffins, apple muffins, blueberry muffins, chocolate chip muffins, raisin bran muffins, strawberry muffins, what is your kid’s favorite?

    2. They are easy to pack, carry, and a great grab-and-go option. 

    You are rushing out the door on the way to school or rushing from school to karate, ballet, gymnastics, piano, or swimming classes. One thing that is on your mind is getting some food into your child. Just give them a muffin to eat! You don’t have to worry about overtly sticky fingers or messy sauces ruining your car.

    3. Store them right, and they last a couple of days. 

    When you buy some freshly-baked muffins, you may think that you must finish them right away or they will go stale. No need to worry about wasting the deliciousness if you bought a dozen! Muffins are freezable, which means that you can pop them into a Ziploc or Tupperware and store them in the freezer for later.

    Take them out a couple of minutes before packing lunch and microwave for about 50 seconds to defrost. 

    4. Kids absolutely love muffins.

    Ask a kid his or her favorite bakery item, and muffins are most likely to be somewhere near the top of their list. Whether nieces and nephews are visiting or your kid’s best friend is having a sleepover at your place, stock up on muffins to treat the munchkins. A platter of flavorful muffins will keep their stomachs full and taste buds satisfied!

    Final Note 

    Kids are sometimes picky eaters, but when it comes to muffins, there will be no complaints. They are perfect for lunch bags both on super busy mornings and days on which you take a day off.

    At Bridgeport Bakery 2.0, we bake fresh muffins that are preservative-free. We also have a wide selection of pastries, cakes, bread, pies, buns, and more on our menu. The next time you are here, order a cup of coffee plus coffee cake slices- a delectable combination!  

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